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CM- Random Motion no.4 2021 photograph on paper 120in by 30in.jpg

Random Motion IV Photograph on paper 120" x 30" 2021

Artist Statement

In my painting, I am interested in simplifying the sensory excess I experience, and in reducing it to something calmer and more meditative. This reduction and simplifying soothes me and allows various aesthetic elements of shape and colour to come into play. To this end, I restructure the visual dynamics, organizing these in a different way by letting the shapes move into each other and create new relationships among themselves. The process is one of constant winnowing, sorting through possibilities and conflicting ideas until one overrides the other, and becomes clear.

Because nothing happens without light, some of the shapes are emerging, coming into the light and colours are reacting to each other and having a conversation together. None of us see the same colour in the same way. My work allows us to hear a conversation that has an individualized meaning for each of us in the moment we are viewing it.

With sculpture, I am interested in the transformation of space. Something three dimensional immediately changes the space around it. The shapes push into the spaces we inhabit, demanding our consideration. Light and shadow plays across the surfaces of the sculptural form, changing as light changes in the course of the day. In this way, we come to feel that our whole self can be part of the sculpture.

The end result of my practice is always a surprise, as if the work itself reaches out to me and tells me what is to be done. Over the years I have come to understand that the piece is finished when I see the surprise.


Cynthia McQuillan is a visual artist working as a sculptor and painter. She has spent her adult life living and working as an artist in Prince Edward County.  She is a graduate of Central Technical School Art Department and she has exhibited in solo and group shows and is in private collections in Canada and the US.

Selected Exhibitions

Celebration of spring. Group show, Harbourfront, Toronto - 1987

Paintings on glass.  Solo show, Hubbs Creek - 1990

Sculptures in wood. Solo show, Blizzmax - 1991

Sculptures in wood. Group show. Agnes Etherington Kingston - 1993

Paintings on glass, KAAI Gallery, Kingston On - 1999

Paintings on glass, Closson Chase PEC - 2014

Circles on canvas, County Contemporary PEC - 2017

Continuum, Group show, Carbon Gallery - 2019

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